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2. Choose your font.

      click groups below for engraving examples. (You will enter your font choice in the shopping cart)

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3. Please specify LANDSCAPE, PORTRAIT, OR STACKED at checkout.
                  The engraving field in the shopping cart allows for detailed instructions. If you have a specific layout such as portrait or landscape, centering, left align, etc., please note this on your order. Our engraving field allows you to comment as fully as you feel necessary so that you are happy with your item.
4. Add the one-side or two-side engraving charge to your cart.
516-801-engrave1 Engraving on one side of a specific piece $29.00 wow Sale Price! -> $ 15.00
516-801-engrave2 Engraving on two sides of a specific piece $39.00 wow Sale Price! -> $ 23.00

Where do I enter my engraving instructions?
When you proceed with your shopping cart, the second page has an engraving section where you enter your desired font, and engraving instructions. The engraving box will allow you to type as many words as you need so that you can accurately describe what you have in mind for your engraving. Please be very descriptive if you have a certain look you are going for.

Note, you will need to be sure the engraving charge is in your cart, unless you have chosen a package that has engraving included.

How long does it take?
Engraving usually takes 1-3 business days, but can occasionally take longer, especially during gift giving holidays. Then we will ship as you have noted on your order.

How much does it cost?
Engraving labor charges are shown at the very top of this page. Be sure to add the engraving fee to your cart before you proceed, so it does not slow down your order.

Some of our websites have the engraving included in the price. In these cases, it is specifically noted in the item description.

How much will fit on my piece?
Our machine has the ability to shrink a saying or phrase to fit your desired item. However please keep in mind the size of the piece. You will not want the words so small they have to be read with a magnifying glass.

How do you engrave?
If you dont specify the orientation, our engravers will lay out the engraving as it best suits the piece you have chosen. If you would like to specify the orientation, please use the following terms: landscape, stacked, or portraits.


How do I order?

    1.     "Add to cart"
    You can click on the "add to cart" buttons below corresponding with your needs.
    516-801-engrave1 Engraving on one side of a specific piece $29.00 wow Sale Price! -> $ 15.00
    516-801-engrave2 Engraving on two sides of a specific piece $39.00 wow Sale Price! -> $ 23.00

    2.     Font choice goes in the engraving section of the order form
    Please list your font choice in the engraving section of the order form. Choices are Slant, Cursive, Block, Heavy block, Vines, or Old English. Note Cursive and Old English can be hard to read on larger phrases, or pieces with all upper case punctuation.

    3.     Details go in the engraving section of the order form
    Please tell us the specific font you chose as well as the detailed instructions for engraving in the "engraving" section of our order form. Please be specific.

Can I return it?
No. Once you have instructed us to permanently alter the appearance of an item, it is very unlikely that someone else will want this item with your personalization. Therefore, we cannot accept returns on engraved items. Obviously, if we make a spelling error, we will certainly fix that at no additional charge.

Do you have any suggestions on engraving?

      To the world
      you are one person.
      But to one person
      You are the world!

      Close together
      or far apart,
      You're forever
      in my heart.

      The greatest gift
      we ever had
      It came from God,
      We call him Dad!

      No matter
          how far away
      Your Love
          brightens my day!
      Note indents must be specified

      If I had to choose between
          loving you and breathing,
      I'd use my last breath
          to say I love you.
      Note indents must be specified

      While we're half a
      world apart, you'll
      be in my thoughts,
      my dreams, my heart.

      Our Son the Soldier
      A great man he must be,
      Fighting to set another
      Part of the world free.

      I think of you often,
      never missing a day.
      My love is forever,
      & always sent your way.

      Yes there are Angels
      In heaven above
      I know because God
      Sent me one to love

      Together Forever
      and never apart
      Maybe in distance
      but never in heart

      Best Friends
      in Love and Life
      Today, Tomorrow
      & Always

      That God sent you here
      To a place where you'd be
      Sharing such love
      With someone like me

      Shoot for the moon.
      Even if you miss,
      you'll land
      among the stars.

Mother / Grandmother

      Mom you're like an Angel
      Sent from up above,
      With all your kindness,
      And everlasting Love.

      a teacher, a counselor,
      a shoulder, a friend
      My mother's love
      has no end

      A mother's love is
      special, a never-ending
      gift. A love that's
      always there if you
      ever need a lift.

      Mother -
      a shoulder to cry on,
      a smile to count on,
      a love to live on.

      Yes there are Angels
      In heaven above
      I know because God
      Sent my mother to love

      What we are is
      God's gift to us.
      What we become
      is our gift to God.

      A place in my heart
      Never filled by another
      Is full of love
      for My grandmother

      Yes there are Angels
      In heaven above
      I know because God
      Sent Grandmother to love

Loved ones that have passed away

    If tears could build a
    stairway, and memories
    a lane, I would walk
    right up to Heaven and
    bring you back again.

    Death left a heartache
        no one can heal.
    Love left a memory
        no one can steal.
    Note indents must be specified

    This piece was engraved for a lady that had lost a loved one. She said after the loss, that she hugs all of her family closer now, tighter now, and longer now.

    Our family chain is broken,
    and nothing seems the same;
    but as God calls us one by one,
    the chain will link again.

    Someday we shall meet again,
    though heaven keeps us apart.
    For you will always be with me,
    I shall carry you in my heart.

Wedding / Anniversary

    Our Wedding Day
    August 14, 2006
    Eric & Jennifer

    Best Man Once
    Best Friend Always

    As my friend,
    you share my life.
    as my maid of honor,
    you share my dream.

    Today I married
    My best friend
    September 4, 2006

    I Love You

    (Number) Wonderful
    Years Together

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