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Nametags on the Ribbons

The photo is from my niece's wedding from May 2012. The pink lemonade cake had charms in it, but I didn't get a closeup of it. She choose specific charms from your website for each bridesmaid, so I had to attach name tags to each ribbon so they would get the correct charm.

Fran's Towel Cake (above)

Some people make diaper cakes and years ago they made towel cakes look like a wedding cake. My sister did a charm pull cake for her sons wedding, but it was very messy. I wanted to do the charm cake at the shower but I didn't want it messy, so I did a towel cake.

I saw towels with initials at K Mart and brought towels with a K and a D for Kate and Dan but I couldn't find a T every other letter in the store so I got a T ornament Black and silver with diamonds after Christmas which I put aside.

So then I ordered your charms which are much nicer then the ones my sister had. I got the towels and a set of just thin white ones and folded them rolled them around and around, I used long pearl straight pins like the ones you pin on corsages.

I decorated the cake with silk flowers, at the top pink flowers and 2 glass stirers one with a top hat and one with a veil that had ribon tied to them saying happily ever after. in the back by the seam of the towels I had larger bows like in a row down the back with pearls in between, then I used fatter ribbon to separate the layers I trimmed at the bottom. Thats my cake.


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